Advocacy in childbirth. Supportive and professional representation you can rely on.

Hermine is one of the first attorneys in the world to legally advocate for women’s fundamental human rights to autonomy, informed consent, and freedom from discrimination during pregnancy and childbirth.  She has spent years meeting stakeholders from maternity care systems worldwide, following legal cases and developments in this area, while consulting with many women regarding their personal experiences of human rights violations during childbirth.   

All people have the right to be recognized as the decision-maker in healthcare encounters, and to be supported through medical decision-making by healthcare providers through the process of informed consent and refusal.  All people have the right to be treated equally, regardless of their skin tone, gender presentation, age, or any other quality that might cause a healthcare provider to manifest unconscious bias in the provision of care.  Unfortunately, women’s rights to informed consent and freedom from discrimination are violated in labor and delivery wards on a casual basis.  However, the effect of these violations ion the patient include trauma, increasing unnecessary medical risks, injury and even death.  It can be challenging for women to find legal representation to pursue accountability for rights violations during childbirth.  Contact Hayes-Klein Law for legal representation that understands these issues and is committed to protecting your rights.

Are you pregnant or considering becoming pregnant, and want to make sure that you have optimal support and that your rights are respected when you give birth? 

Hayes-Klein Law can help you communicate with your providers during pregnancy, in advance of childbirth, to ensure that your rights are respected during labor and birth. We can help you utilize the Birth Plan or other tools to make sure your providers are committed to supporting you with your individualized needs and decisions, and to build trust through prenatal conversations.  We provide birthing women, partners, and doulas with a clear understanding of the law, and counsel in how to navigate sometimes challenging discussions with doctors about medical decisions, so that the providers too can feel safe in supporting their patients on the patients’ terms.