Client Testimonials


When my multi-million dollar company was sued and we had interviewed one legal firm after another to represent us, we chose Hermine. She is a fearless and gifted lawyer. She is hands down the best advocate you can have, and I rest easy knowing she has my back. J.J., Birth Center Owner

Hermine is the best. She is brilliant and uncompromising in the pursuit of what is fair and right. Her unwavering advocacy for women’s rights and reproductive justice is inspiring. She is a desperately needed voice in these turbulent times.

As a midwife responding to a long history of systemic abuse and marginalization, I admire Hermine’s passion and determined support, providing me a platform from which I could speak courageously. I cannot recommend Hermine’s legal services enough. She is truly a bright light in this world.  A.S., Certified Nurse-Midwife

Hermine’s fierce support was empowering as a single mother. It was the second time I had had a lawyer during the five years I was in and out of court with my children's father. Without Hermine, I don't believe it would have ended the way it did. She was with me every step of the way. I will be forever grateful for her work and the passion that goes with it. N.B., Parent, Family Law

My personal experiences with Hermine as my lawyer have been nothing short of amazing! She has guided me through several midwifery injustices and shared her vast knowledge and experience of how to negotiate the unjust system around home-birth midwives using traditional ways. Hermine has a mother’s heart, especially for women and midwives.    T.S.D., Traditional Midwife

Hermine is the perfect synergy of compassion, intelligence, tenacity, and expertise. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have had her help when I was in a very vulnerable position. Her warm, confident manner put me at ease so that I was able to pour out my story to her without feeling judged. Hermine created a strong case for me after I had been told by a previous attorney that I didn't have one. She believed in me and wanted the highest and best outcome for me and my child, which is exactly what we got! J.T., Parent

Hermine is a real advocate for the profession of midwifery and the midwifery model of care. Her expertise and understanding in obstetrical cases were integral to the positive outcome of my experience. Hermine’s caring and professional demeanor was always evident. I recommend Hermine Hayes-Klein without hesitation. M.P.C., Certified Nurse Midwife

Having the most unfortunate and stressful experience of being a wrongfully accused, prosecuted home-birth midwife, I had the great pleasure of having Hermine Hayes-Klein on my team. She brought knowledge, compassion, and love for midwives to the fight for human rights in childbirth. Her renowned international knowledge and dedication for women’s rights are unsurpassed. M.R., Traditional Midwife

Hermine has been an amazing resource regarding birth law, helping me challenge Oregon Medicaid's denial of my out-of-hospital VBAC. She showed consistent dedication to my case and the birth community at large. Her tenacious nature in pursuing my challenge is what has allowed us to succeed at the level of the Court of Appeals and become part of the state law record. I am honored to be her client and friend. L.B., Parent, Maternal Health Advocacy

I sleep so much better since hiring Hermine. As an IBCLC postpartum doula and small business owner with ten independent contractors, I needed legal guidance to make sure my contracts protected my doulas, my clients, and my family. Hermine understood the intimate relationship we share with the families we support and all the risks we face working with families and infants. I recommend her to everyone I know who is in the birth field. M.F., Doula Business Owner

I hired Hermine for a complicated and highly traumatic custody case battle with my abuser and daughter's biological father. The warmth and sincerity I was met with overwhelmed me.

My ex-husband’s attorney had previously had great success in slipping half-truths and outright lies into court documents that went unnoticed and unchallenged; Hermine changed all that and caught every one, making it abundantly clear that I would no longer be bullied or backed into a corner by my abuser. Her attention to detail and her unwavering commitment to my case and safety could not be more apparent. It’s really important to me to make it known how incredible Hermine has been; every mamma should have such a Valkyrie in her corner when walking through something like I did. J.B., Parent

As a professional multi-media artist, I constantly have to deal with intellectual property issues constantly. I was fortunate to meet Hermine. She is a sharp shooter with a mind like a steel trap. She is able to answer my complex questions with clarity and a solid knowledge of the legal aspects of intellectual property issues.

Also, having graduated from one of the best law schools, she does not rest on her laurels. She knows that to be a successful lawyer, she must keep up with the ever-changing world economy and development of legal issues. C.E., Artist

I am a survivor of domestic violence. When I first met with Ms. Hayes-Klein and told her my situation, she really listened. She gave me the warmth and gentle reassurance of knowing the law and my rights as it pertains to my case. She took thorough notes and prepared me for my testimony down to every detail. She taught me that I had the right to be safe. K. H.

Hermine came into our lives when a family emergency led to the need to rescue our grandchild from a dangerous situation. Overwhelmed and with no idea what to do, we were referred to Hermine, who made time to see us the same day. From then on, we never felt alone in the long struggle to keep our grandchild safe. Not only did she help us prevail legally, she helped us frame a plan for this sudden change in our own lives.  

Hermine is able to cut through the highly-charged emotions of a family tragedy and concentrate on the legal and productive elements that can and must be dealt with.  We will be forever grateful for her support, enormous skill, and most of all her friendship. T&T

I was introduced to Hermine through a mutual friend, and in my darkest moment of despair, she brought me the light and empowerment of feeling informed. My feelings of being intimidated and threatened by an outside party came to a halt. As a legal professional, she stepped up to the plate and did not waver in her commitment to taking whatever steps were necessary to respond to the threatening situation. Hermine embraced me with compassion and understanding, at the deepest part of my self. I cannot equate a dollar amount with the blessing of being heard, understood, and made to feel safe. G.C.