Client Testimonials


“Hermine is the best. She is brilliant and uncompromising in the pursuit of what is fair and right. 

None of us are hiring a lawyer because things are going well, and Hermine’s ability to articulate the many injustices that had become part of a normal work-day provided the fire needed to continue pursuing justice in a landscape of resignation. Hermine’s unwavering advocacy for women’s rights and reproductive justice is inspiring, and she is a desperately needed voice in these turbulent times.  I am continually inspired by Hermine’s passion and energy and am fortunate to have had access to her legal expertise through an incredibly challenging time. As a Midwife responding to a long history of systemic abuse and marginalization, Hermine’s passion and determined support provided a platform from which I could speak courageously.  I cannot recommend Hermine’s legal services enough. She is truly a bright light in this world.” 

A.S., Certified Nurse-Midwife

“Having the most unfortunate and stressful experience of being a wrongfully accused, prosecuted homebirth midwife, I had the great pleasure of having Hermine Hayes-Klein on my team.  She brought knowledge, compassion and love for midwives to the fight for human rights in childbirth. Through her love and faith, kindheartedness and friendship she contributed so much to my life at this time, both legally and personally. Her renowned international knowledge and dedication for women’s rights are unsurpassed.”

MR, Traditional Midwife

“Hermine has been an amazing resource regarding birth-law in helping me challenge Oregon Medicaid's denial of my out-of-hospital VBAC. She has shown consistent dedication to my case and the birth community at large. Her professionally tenacious nature in pursuing my challenge is what has allowed us to succeed at the level of the Court of Appeals and become part of state law record! I am honored to be her client and friend. I look forward to continuing to work with her as my case continues and cheer for her in all her other amazing work!”

Dr. Laura Blevins, ND, Parent, Maternal Health Advocacy

“I hired Hermine for a complicated and highly traumatic custody case battle with my abuser and daughter's biological father.  The Judge would not even listen to the history of extreme violence, and was making it clear she intended to push forward with visitation and a relationship. I was in such desperation and despair I made a gofundme and pleaded with anyone and everyone to help us get an attorney. The first attorney we hired took every penny we had, and did nothing but tell us they had no time for us, while misrepresenting the facts in court to such an extreme extent that we were worse off than when we started. I cannot emphasize enough how traumatic that all was on my entire family. I made a Facebook reaching out for any support or guidance I could find in that darkness, and was referred to an amazing attorney, Hermine Hayes-Klein.

By this point I had little hope in the situation, but I called Hermine, and the warmth and sincerity I was met with overwhelmed me. She agreed to help us, and in doing so completely turned our case around and saved my daughter. I slowly but surely gained back my hope and my peace, because of her hard work and emotional intelligence supporting me through this nightmare. She wasted no time in drafting affidavits and documents to convey the truth, and give me my voice back. As developments unfolded she even had the presence of mind to check in with me at the beginning of our phone calls and make sure I was in a safe space to unpack potentially triggering content. She honored the way I was emotionally flooded and patiently waited for me to gather my thoughts and relay information to her. My ex's attorney had previously had great success in slipping half-truths and outright lies into court documents that went unnoticed and unchallenged; Hermine changed all that and caught every last one, making it abundantly clear that I would no longer be bullied or backed into a corner by my abuser. Her attention to detail and her unwavering commitment to this case and my safety could not be more apparent. The whole truth is now on the table and I am sleeping again at night. It’s really important to me to make it known how incredible Hermine has been; every momma should have such a Valkyrie in her corner walking through something like this. I am so eternally grateful. My child now has protection and therapeutic support around her, and we have hope.”

JB, Parent, Family Law


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